Access to the Naval Base

The NZDF has increased its security alert level from Ringfence White to Ringfence Grey.  The key is that the level of direct threat, while increased, remains non-specific.  The responses to that threat level are therefore generally appropriate to Business as Usual (BAU) with a heightened level of awareness and deterrence.

For non-members of the NZDF you will not be able to enter the Naval Base unless the Main Gate has been advised of your proposed visit.  I am not sure how this will effect visitors attending funerals but watch this space.

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3 Responses to Access to the Naval Base

  1. Bill Bartlett says:

    Re Entry to the Naval Base. Wot a load of crap! Ring Fence Red,Black,Brindle or wot ever don’t mean nothing to us oldies! I remember in my early days we sneaked under or thru a hole in the bloody fence if lucky. Seems like another piece of crazy legislation stuffing up morale again.
    They should be tightening up on discipline from “the top, down”. Seems to be pretty slack! starting with new entries up!

  2. John Bullock says:

    This reminds me of years past when Lt. Cdr. Ingram (WEO) ran North Head, introduced various “security rounds” during the night. The Quartermaster in Philomel would ring up and tell whoever was on duty there to do round whatever, and sign a book at each check-off point. This was great, especially if you were on training courses at North Head and supposed to be “bright eyed and bushy tailed, neat and natty, pride of the fleet” so to speak the next day!

  3. Albie Cross says:

    how many of you old salts out there have memories of doing the “Bundee Run” in Cerberus ?. Was your effort successful or was it a total disaster like mine . let us know how you panned out and how the system (if possible) could have been improved.

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