Some Memories of Singapore

Here are a couple of utube videos which might bring back some memories

A walk down through Sembawang

A drive through the Singapore Naval Base

Old Chong Pang

Bugis Street

Travelling around Singapore 

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Old Singapore and Raffles Hotel 1961

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3 Responses to Some Memories of Singapore

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    When I first went to Singapore and the old salts told me – I thought it was “Boogie” Street due to the “things – like Boogiemen – probably not far wrong” that hung out down there but a quick visit “exploration only” soon got me on the right path.

  2. Bob Paul says:

    a good run ashore was Boogie street (Bugis Street) entertainment didnt usually start until after midnight when it became jam packed with drunk sailors and tourists all waiting to see the dance of the flamers ontop of the old toilet – first time I ever saw kaitai’s was here — boogie street was moved to another location in the late ninetees or early 2000 (I think not sure) but it was never the same

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