Comms Crew HMNZS Southland

Here is an image of the Communications Crew HMNZS Southland 1987.  Can you fill in the blanks?


Standing L – R  Darren Thurlow, Harry Hankins, Anthony Kenny, Fred Luke, Donald Ripia, Peter Martin, Dean Kirton, Jim Cassin, Mark Vause, Pouto Taua, Trevor Smith, Stu Gillon.

Kneeling L – R  Glen McSkimming, Vince Alcock, Bounce Sping, Steve Sewell, Mark Hannah, Steve Lowson, Greg Davis.

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3 Responses to Comms Crew HMNZS Southland

  1. brownie says:

    2nd from right standing – Smith (signalman) i am thinking

  2. Darren Thurlow says:

    Yep, all the names are correct. SE Asia deployment 1987. Photo taken alongside in Singapore.

  3. Harry Hankins says:

    Yes all the names are correct regards Harry Hankins

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