Associate Membership

As you are aware the RNZN Communicators’ Association recently amended its constitution to enable members of the Electronic Warfare (Comms) and Electronic Warfare (Elint) branch to join our association as an Associate Member.  I am please to welcome on behalf of all members, Warrant Officer Supervisor (Elint) Peter Patton as the first to take up Associate Membership.  We hope that others from these branches take your lead Peter and join us, as your branch has been absent too long.  It is great to have you onboard.

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2 Responses to Associate Membership

  1. John R Parkinson says:

    One should not forget that many of the us early EW’s were originally Sparkers too. just a wee reminder.

    • Frank Rands says:

      Hi John, Point taken and any of the old EW branch who originated from the sparkers branch actually have FULL membership. This latest Associate Membership was for those EW’s and Comms Analyst who never joined as communicators but got caught up in someones good idea which made them seaman.

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