Signalmen in Action

A few years ago now but the ship HMNZS Blackpool made its second visit to Gisborne in 1968.  The Commanding Officer was Cdr Dick Cheney who also accepted the ships mini moke of behalf of the ships company from the citizens of Gisborne.


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5 Responses to Signalmen in Action

  1. Jim D says:

    Two years after the Battle of Hastings…

  2. Casper says:

    That’s right Jim-the Normans got up so much momentum that they just carried on south. So they are obviously “le gens de la Terre”! (People of the land) .Place names in French, please.

  3. Casper says:

    Sorry Frank-I was lead astray by the other contributor-should have known it was a typo. After all 1068 is even a year or two before Jim B joined Pussers…………

  4. Jim D says:

    I want to know why Granville was allowed to wear sunglasses, when there was no sun as apparent by lack of shadows!

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