Spot the Communicator

Here is an image taken on Gambia Square PHILOMEL.  See if you can spot the Communicators.  Comms marked in red


Standing L-R:  Raylene Souter, Michele Clewett, ?, Dalene Nelson, Raey Anstis, Maree Brown, Denise Rehue, ?, Barbara Poppelwell, Julie Petley, Kym Bradley, ?, Leonie Mills.

Sitting L-R:  Caroline Davis, ?, Jenny Jones, Leigh Currie, Warrant Officer Penny Smith, Lesley Delore, Mary Maddox, Anne Lambert, Tremain Lancaster (Owen), Liz Kranenburg, Debbie Ford. (Faces I couldn’t match Mary Allen, Andrea Hemsley, K. Gladwell? and Maryanne ?



Standing L-R: Sharon Overweg, Karen Stewart, Jo Fife (nee Ussher), Caroline Jessop (nee Smith), Chris Wedge, Dianne Fowler, Julianne Quirk, Leigh Johnston, Liz Graham

Front L-R: Kirsty McBrearty (nee Cresswell), Miriam Waaka (nee Kendall), Terry Marsh (nee Hiraka), Marion Maika (nee Thompson, Sandy Hiku, Bronwyn Dobier (nee Price)



Standing L-R: Amanda Fox, Sharon Thompson, Liz Bruce, Jackie Curtin, Nic Hutt, Brenda Goudsblom, George Brown, Tarry Tansey

Front Row L-R: Julie Swift, Deina Moor, Janese Berry, POCS Anne Hine, Sue Blackmore, Sue Richardson, Beverley Tallentire

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2 Responses to Spot the Communicator

  1. Jim D says:

    Jan was a POCS

  2. Jim D says:

    Sorry – should be Anne was a POCS – one handed typing not working too good!

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