New Life Member

Congratulations to Jim Dell on becoming a Life Member of the RNZN Communicators Assn.  Jim’s nomination as a Life Member was confirmed by all attendees at the Annual General Meeting held Saturday, 27th September 2014.  Bravo Zulu Jim and thank you for your continued contribution to the association.

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5 Responses to New Life Member

  1. Paul Murray says:

    Well deserved Jim.

  2. Mike Catlow says:

    Congratulations Jim, its well deserved. Your contribution to the Comms History is so well documented and will not be lost now. The history you have supplied is also a great read for present and future members. Well done.

  3. Peter Lowish says:

    Congratulations Jim

  4. Bob and Anne Overton says:

    Well deserved to someone who has walked the walk and is still walking the walk by making sure history is not forgotten and is well documented. BZ James Anthony Dell Regards Bob and Anne O Boy do we have some good memories.

  5. Wings says:

    Aah Warrant me old bucket, congratulations..

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