Jack Passings – September 2014

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of September 2014. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

ARNOTT, John Laurence MStJ. 
PETHERICK, Lindsay (Leon)
RITCHIE, John Anthony
FINN Frederick (Fred)
BAMFORD, Frederick Augustus (Fred)
CAWTE, George Thomas John Houghton
CLEMENT Adam Lawrence
WELCH, Rear Admiral John Edwin Nugent (Jack)
RAINES, Kenneth Henry (Ken).
HOBBS Anthony Martin (Tony)
MARSHALL George Frederick

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2 Responses to Jack Passings – September 2014

  1. Tones Locke says:

    Sad to hear that Alex has crossed the bar.
    I remember this man as a sparker at Irirangi in the early 60s.
    Farewell my friend.

  2. Robin Franklin says:

    There may be some “other old men” who remember Derek Bamford (Cdr R.N. rtd) who served as navigating officer in the last commission of TUI, the first of STAWELL and then at TAMAKI (Motuihe) A compact character and lasting friend who had childhood NZ connections and who has descendants now living here. Derek died in UK late September.

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