Question 30

A frigate question.  Click Play to listen.


Answer – In 1980-81 Taranaki was planned for modernising and conversion to gas-turbine propulsion (Rolls-Royce Tyne engines), and a lot of preparatory work, including ordering the machinery, was done by Devonport dockyard and RNZN staff. However, in October 1981, the government arranged to purchase Dido and Bacchante from the RN and Taranaki’s conversion was cancelled.

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2 Responses to Question 30

  1. Albie Cross says:

    from the little bit that I have read , I have come to the conclusion that with escalating maintenance costs on Leander class frigates right across the board and even though RNZN officers said that the hull of the Taranaki had many sea miles left in it, the UK Treasury came to the party and literally poo-pood the idea. scrappem.

  2. Trev Appleton says:

    = What was planned for HMNZS Taranaki in the early 1980’s ? = k
    Complete modernisation to undertake the roles of resource protection and basic sea training.

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