A very very Young Communicator

Here is one which you are not going to believe.  Who is this drop of skin and where was it taken?


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5 Responses to A very very Young Communicator

  1. Bob Sadler says:

    James Dell

  2. gunther says:

    jeez james, u look even younger than when in training division..looking like that you would have done u fair share of being in the “barrel tonite” ???

  3. Jim D says:

    I was 19. HMNZS Endeavour, Mcmurdo, January 1967. Must have been the clear, brisk sky down there which gave one a tight complexion. As for the “barrel”, I slept in a top bunk in my antarctic issue long johns, which didn’t have a flap at the back…

  4. Wings says:

    Hell Warrant me ol’ bucket, looking exceedingly a bit James Dean’ish in that pic…lol..

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