Question 29

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Answer – Endeavour AN/CRT-3 known as the Gibson Girl because of its hour glass figure, Type 12 – Type 629 and Leander – Type 638.

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3 Responses to Question 29

  1. Trev Appleton says:

    = What was the nomenclature for the liferaft radio sets carried on Endeavour (2), Type 12 and Leander Class Frigates in the RNZN? Also give the nickname for Endeavour’s sets and why. =

    Endeavour (2) : AN/CRT-3. Nicknamed the ‘Gibson Girl’ because of its hour glass figure
    Type 12 Frigates : 629
    Leander Class Frigates : 638

  2. Jim D says:

    Some of the answers to questions put up on here can be found on this website. It needs a bit of looking to find the answers! Poor old Trevor must be sick of the only one able to do some research – after all, the object of the exercise is to keep your brains agile so that you don’t get senile – you old twits!!

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