Jack Passings – August 2014

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of August 2014. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

MURPHY, Allen Arthur
PRICE Stephen John (Jack)
HANSEN Frederick Edward
SUTHERLAND Hylda Mabel NZ71 Nee Callender, WRNZNS, Irirangi 1942 – 1945
SHIRNACK, L E O (Laurie)
RASSIE, Shible Elias Leslie (Syd)
GAGE, Alec
KARIPA, John Buddy
MILLAR, John Elderson
PATERSON, James Douglas (Doug)
COLLIER Clarence John Edwards
FISHER, William Greaves (Bill)

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4 Responses to Jack Passings – August 2014

  1. Tony Marsden says:

    Re C.J.E. Collier

    On reading the notice, I see that he had listed being on HMNZS Tasman.

    I thought that Tasman was decommissioned (or whatever) around 1955

    Obviously I am wrong, but what are the details of the later Tasman?


    • Frank Rands says:

      HMNZS TASMAN was resurrected again in the early 70’s as the training ship for Basic Branch Training. It did not last long and was decommissioned again. Someone may know the dates.

      • John Bullock says:

        The name Tasman was re-used in June 1975 for an advanced training establishment within HMNZS Philomel before being closed in 1979.

  2. John Snow says:

    HMNZS Tasman was recommissioned in 1975 as an Advanced Training Base within Philomel. Only lasted until 1979 when it was decommissioned again.

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