Beware Scam

Hoax messages have been circulating on Facebook, exploiting the recent tragic death of Robin Williams.

The posts urge you to click a link to watch a video by Robin Williams saying goodbye.

Clicking the link instead takes you to a website which insists that you first share the post on your own Facebook wall, and ‘verify your age’ by completing a short survey.

This is a scam. No such video exists and the scammers earn money for each person they can trick into completing the survey.

This is one of many scams targeting disasters and tragedies as scammers prey on events of global concern. The scams are easily interchanged to suit new events.

To help prevent the spread of these scams, do not Share or Like anything on Facebook unless you have already seen it and are confident it is safe.

You should be suspicious of any post that requires you to blindly Share posts or provide personal information.

Linked websites may also host and download malicious software to your system, while others may seek your financial or identity details.

Unless you are confident about a post, the safest option is to avoid clicking on it.

You should be suspicious of posts which seem unbelievable. If you are unsure and are still curious, you should seek the information from a source you trust.

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