A Question for the Buntings

What is the name of this ship and to which navy does she now belong? What was the original name and country of origin?



Answer:  Liaoning is the first aircraft carrier of the PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy) Republic of China and is classed as a training ship. Originally laid down as the Admiral Kuznetsov class multirole aircraft carrier Riga for the Soviet Navy, she was launched on December 4, 1988 and renamed Varyag in 1990. The stripped hulk was purchased in 1998 by the People’s Republic of China and towed to Dalian Shipyard in north eastern China. After being completely rebuilt and undergoing sea trials, the ship was commissioned into the PLAN as Liaoning on September 25, 2012.

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5 Responses to A Question for the Buntings

  1. Chook says:

    Ships name is the Liaoning belonging to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Navy. Previously known as the Varyag, an Admiral Kuznetsov class carrier purchased from the Ukraine in 1998.

  2. Barry Walden says:

    The ex Russian multi role carrier Riga. Now the Chinese carrier Liaonong.

  3. Alan (Tug)wilson says:

    Hi all was soviet “Varyag” now Chinese “Liaonin” ????

  4. Barry Walden says:

    The Chinese name is Liaoning

  5. Barry Walden says:

    The ex Russian multi role carrier Riga. Now Chinese carrier Liaoning.

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