The Russian Scares

Jim Dell has written a saga on the Russian Scares.

Chapter 1 – Introduction.  To access click  HERE

Chapter 2 – Otago Harbour.  To access click HERE

Chapter 3 – Lyttelton Harbour.  To access click HERE

Chapter 4 – Wellington Harbour. To access click HERE

Chapter 5 – Auckland Harbour.  To access click HERE New

Jim has now completed the project which he has found extremely frustrating at times. Jim your efforts are always appreciated.  Thank you again.

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3 Responses to The Russian Scares

  1. John Bullock says:

    Well done Jimbo … You have historical stuff compiled about Lyttelton I did not know about. A few months back I was trying to get info/photos about the World War II ex-HMNZS Tasman shore establishment (currently oil berth). There was very limited info available from all the usual expected resources, e.g. libraries and the local population. Now since the recent major earthquakes and thousands of lesser tremors many of Lyttelton’s skyline and structures have disappeared, including sailor’s watering holes!

    • Well done Dinger. One question and a comment. In Chapter two there is a photo of Otago’s disappearing gun and in Chapter 3 the identical gun appears to have had a draft chit to Lyttleton. A bit heavy for a pier-head jump. Also in Chapter 3 there is mention of the Janie Seddon. During WW2 she was the Wellington Harbour examination vessel and was berthed at the then Seatoun wharf. The engineer was my uncle, George McMillan who lived in the harbour board house right opposite the wharf. He lost his job for building a 12ft launch [with the aid of the nearby Army camp’s joiner’s shop] INSIDE the house. The Harbour Board had to remove the front wall of the lounge to get the launch out.
      For his sins he was manpowered to Minginui to the Government power station but no one in the family ever knew what became of Janie Seddon 2.

  2. Jim D says:

    I used the same photo for both chapters – there’s a lot of copyright regarding some pics so I had to use the same ones that wouldn’t offend anyone. Anyway, I didn’t think you “oldies” would remember what the guns looked like from one chapter to the next…
    The fate of Janie Seddon will be revealed in Chapter 4 – Wellington Harbour. Regards.

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