If you think you may have an impostor in your midst who is wearing medals that they may not be entitled to wear, click HERE to view this website.

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2 Responses to IMPOSTORS

  1. Michael Catlow says:

    Wellll what a site this is. Didn’t realise the problem was so huge. Stories are laughable,disturbing and in a lot of cases quite sad that this is the only way people can function. There is so much to look at that repeat reads are necessary. Have a look at this site guys.

  2. Casper says:

    Quite agree Mike. I think that my initial reaction was one of amazement especially as so many of these turkeys already have legit medals, yet still choose to add non earned ones to them. Some cases did make me feel sad, as I think over the years we can all recall the frustrations of not being given medallic recognition.and the temptation to go onto trademe and buy a couple must be almost irresistable to some. A great site.

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