Question 24

Here is this weeks question good luck.  Press play to listen

Answer – USS Nespelen in January 1956. Went to the dry dock in Port Chalmers for repairs to the hull and propeller replacement. (She was a sister ship of HMNZS Endeavour II who also ended up in Port Chalmers dry dock in January 1963 and again in January 1967 to have her damaged propellers replaced)

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2 Responses to Question 24

  1. John Bullock says:

    More than 170,000 gallons of petroleum fuels escaped the Bahia Paraiso after it ran aground on Jan. 28 about a mile from Palmer Station, an American scientific outpost,

  2. Trev Appleton says:

    = What was the name of the tanker that got trapped in the ice in Antarctica, rupturing two cargo fuel tanks and as a result, lost 150,000 gallons of aviation fuel and damaged one of her propellers? To which port did she go to for repairs? = k

    Navy tanker, U.S.S. Nespelen, and she went to Dunedin for repairs.

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