Question for the ‘Buntings”

If you look at the frigates you will observe that none of the frigates has the black band on the funnel indicating who was Captain 11th Frigate Squadron and thus the Squadron Leader. The question is would ships therefore form up on the left of the leader – in this case, Canterbury F421 or who would they be taking station on another ship?

I will leave you to consider.

rnnz fleet


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3 Responses to Question for the ‘Buntings”

  1. Harvie Graham says:

    ships generally dont form up on “leaders” but form up on ships designated as guide (flag golf). I would assume in the situation shown in the picture that the tanker is the guide (not being as quick nor as manoeuverable as the others around her) and each ship is stationkeeping on her for a photo opportunity.

    • Nick Carter says:

      Close Harvey! However, remember if ships are stationed, they maintain true bearings (compass) and distances (miles or fractions thereof). When formed, relative bearings and distances are maintained and ships form on the guide or ship indicated.

      If the ship indicated is the senior officer present, that ship is not required to fly the guide flag unless confusion may arise and then only until the manoeuvre is safely executed.

      I agree with your sentiments about the tanker, but perhaps this situation was set up according to an OPORD to facilitate a photo shoot?

      Don’t know if this diatribe answers Franks question. but I hope it promotes discussion.

  2. alan whitley says:

    Endeavour was the guide it was taken as Canterbury left for the UK moments after the photo was taken Canterburys wasp splashed into the water and she returned to Devenport leaving Waikato to recover the drowned wasp. I have some photos of it some where the white line had been removed after Canterbury ended up on the rocks in Sydney about 18 months earlier

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