Some of you may remember this place for others it will just be a complete blur!  Click on image to enlarge.

Sembawang Strip July 2014

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3 Responses to Memories

  1. As a watchkeeper and early ashore I recall Sembawang strip well, sharing my mah nee soup with a great collection of cats and dogs, cheap cassettes (clones), cheaper souvenirs, cheap electronics, cheap bars, cheap bar accessories, huge monsoon drains. Good run ashore.

  2. Yup…most of it was a blur and an associated hangover. I have an enduring memory of coming aboard a few minutes before I was obliged to … throwing my No.6 whites to the Chinese dobeyman at the onboard laundrey … he threw them back and I threw them over the side … must have been a really good run ashore… Dennis O’Rourke

  3. Tones Locke says:

    Hi guys… I can remember those runs ashore … actually Anne and I have just come back from checking out Sembawang etc… nothing to write about down the strip. Also had a look at the Fernleaf Centre (where us kiwis stayed who were posted there during 70s) That hasnt changed except it is a holiday place for Singas Forces.

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