1944 Images

Compare images of how things looked in 1944 and how they look today.   Click HERE to view.

  • Left click, hold and drag your mouse gently from right to left on the original photo and it will become the exact same location today.
  • Repeat the motion to take it back to the original.
  • Then scroll down to the next of 10 wartime photos.

Thanks John B for the link.

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2 Responses to 1944 Images

  1. Paea 3552 says:

    Frank – how totally awesome they are and thank you so much for sharing. My late husband, Ian Reeve (ex able seaman with RNZN) and I spent a bit of time travelling along the Normandy coast – its a very awe inspiring place and so hard to comprehend today what all those people went through all those years ago…….. thanks you again….. Cheers

  2. Jim D says:

    My father, Sgt AW Dell, was one of many who went ashore at the Arromanches Beachhead.

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