Eketahuna – A town too proud to die

Here is a short article quoting the famous ex communicator Joe Sweeney.  Thanks Mike C for the article.

Joe Sweeney

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5 Responses to Eketahuna – A town too proud to die

  1. davesyn says:

    Hey Joe whats this a first for you? Merton would be beside himself!. good luck and Keep trying

    • Sweeney says:

      John Merton Farrell. Bummer, he popped of the yardarm before we could catch up. he was on oxygen for about last three years, too much fags, and i guess, bit of the other too. how’s Oz, better watch your quarterdeck as i believe there is growing angst on kiwis over there.. What made you leave godzone??? Cant recollected the RPO’s looking 4 you!!

  2. Bruce Kenyon says:

    Great place to live — had 4 years or thereabouts living and farming there after I retired in 86 before shifting to Christchurch …

  3. Albie Cross says:

    the sun was slowing beginning to set on my naval career and the PCO of the time ( rest his soul) decreed that I should be exiled to the High Veldt for the duration. Freshly armed with a small gratuity from service up in the northern hemisphere, I decided to splash out on a set of wheels in the form of a Hire Purchase agreement. The car dealer was exceptionally good at his trade and advised me to “park it on a slope” even though it had a good crankhandle. I used to shoot down to Masterton on extended long weekend leave quite regularly in tandem with Col Spence who headed for Hastings. One day , a Senior Sergeant of Police in Masterton advised me that if I had any ideas of wrapping myself around a telegraph pole then make sure that I had Eketahuna firmly focused in my rear-vision mirror.


    Famous Joe Sweeney ?? I wonder if the fame came from some things I could
    tell about our Joe…..Regards and all the best Joe

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