The RN’s Biggest

Click HERE to read all about the RN’s biggest warship yet.  Thanks Mike C for the link

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10 Responses to The RN’s Biggest

  1. gunther says:

    they had an article on sky tv this morning re the queen naming the ship. its a big mother that is for sure.

    • John Bullock says:

      I see Gunther there is a Brig onboard. I bet it does not have boards for a mattress and a shape wooden block for a pillow! You have to find another spot to crash in the Ruffers!

      • gunther says:

        I would suggest john that it has a large bed with appropriate mattress and sleepyhead
        pillow with sheepskin underlay, because this is what the modern navy is all about.

  2. Frank Rands says:

    From Peter Smith
    I was interested in the photos of the launch of HMS Queen Elizabeth to the point that two questions arose and I can’t find the answer to either
    (a) When or why was the angled flight deck abolished. Seem to recall that this was hailed as a major Brit achievement but now it appears to be history. Why?
    (b) (Pouring over the photo layout I can find no mention of the propulsion system, Nuclear, turbo. Diesel or what have you?

    No prizes for first answer but after JT’s propaganda piece about signalmen’s inquiring minds thought even an ex bunting might know the answer??

  3. John Snow says:

    Apparently the ski jump angled at 13 degrees at the bow assists in the take off and saves fuel. Special manoeuvres developed by UK Pilots does away with need for arrester wires and angled flight deck. Propulsion is by gas turbines but unsure how big. Probably need a map to find way around .

  4. Jim D says:

    (a) The flight deck was abolished when the Invincible Class were introduced with the Harrier Jump jets. The QE class will operate the F35B aircraft which are also short take off and vertical landing. No catapault takeoffs or arrester landings.
    (b) Propulsion:
    Integrated Full Electric Propulsion
    2x Rolls-Royce Marine Trent MT30 36 MW (48,000 hp) gas turbine
    4x Wärtsilä diesel (2x 9 MW (12,000 hp) & 2x 11 MW (15,000 hp))
    4x Converteam 20MW Advanced Induction Motors

  5. Jim D says:

    Further to my last – way, way back, the British government said in a white defence paper that no more aircraft carriers were to be built but the Harriers had been around for a while. So, the RN chiefs said “We’ll get around this by building Through-deck cruisers and put Harriers on them!” It was immaterial that these new cruisers happened to look like carriers – Invincible, Ark Royal and Illustrious.

  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the info.
    Peter S

    • Jim D says:

      A pleasure Peter. Another white paper, even further back, said that the RN would no longer build cruisers, but they got around that by building larger destroyers – the County Class.

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