Question 20

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Answer – Zeppo Marx – he engineered the  “Marman Clamp”, which was designed to secure cargo during transport. It was used, for example, to support the atomic bombs carried on the Enola Gay. 

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4 Responses to Question 20

  1. Trev Appleton says:

    = What was the name of the comedian associated with the Fatman atomic bomb during World War Two? = k
    Zeppo Marx (Herbert Manfred “Zeppo” Marx)

  2. Frank Rands says:

    Peter Smith reckons it was Fatty Arbuckle..

    • gunther says:

      I would go alone with pete..

      • Trev Appleton says:

        Offstage, Marx owned a company which machined parts for the war effort during World War II, Marman Products Co. of Inglewood, California, later known as the Aeroquip Company. This company produced a motorcycle, called the Marman Twin and the Marman clamps used to hold the “Fat Man” atomic bomb inside the B-29 bomber.

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