National Guard Building Holds Secret Message

Recently, a passerby noticed something very peculiar about the addition being added on to the Illinois National Guard building in Milan. The design in the building containing a secret message.

Dave Mayfield knows a thing or two about radios after collecting and operating them for 25 years. So, when he drove by the Illinois National Guard building a few days ago the design caught his eye.

“Took me just a second at first. I thought maybe it was a random pattern but it’s not random at all. It’s Morse code,” said Mayfield.

But what the bricks say remains a mystery for most. It’s estimated only one in thousands would know one wall says, “loyalty” and “duty”, while another wall says, “respect” and “honor”.

The Illinois National Guard put all seven of the Army values Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Courage on new buildings built for the 2nd and 123rd Forward Support companies.

morse building 2

morse building 1

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