The aboriginal people once called Wireless hill Yagan’s Lookout. Providing perfect views of the surrounding area In 1912 the federal government built one Australia first telecommunication stations. Using Morse code the telecommunication station communicated with ships off the Australian coast using a 120m mast.

In 1916 during the WWI it was used by the RAN using 60 KW Poulsan arc transmitter and valve operated receivers. In 1927 Applecross wireless station became a feeder station for international radio grams weather reports news bulletins and press reports. The awa installed a short wave beam system which extended transmitting range of stations enabling direct communication between England and Australia.

In 1932 the radio station 6PR starting broadcasting from Wireless Hill
In 1955 the WAVHF Group was established
In 1959 the first television in WA TVW7 was transmitted via the Applecross wireless station
In the 1960’s 2 Rhombic and 2 log period antennas were installed for the NASA Space Mission

The Park played a significant role in the security and defence of the Australian coastline from 1912 thru to 1968. During the WWI the Applecross wireless station received an emergency signal from the Cocos Islands giving the position of German Light cruiser SMS Emden. The station relayed the info to the HMAS Sydney which was escorting a troop convoy close to the Cocos Island. The Sydney gave chase and captured the Emden in one of Australia’s most famous sea battles of the WWI.

The Wireless hill centenary starts on the 29th of September for 2 weeks over the school holiday period. The special call sign of VI6VIP has been allocated the WAVHF group for this period. So get on Air and contact VI6VIP and participate in this special event. The WAVHF group also welcomes all clubs and their members to visit wireless hill to activate this special call sign. The allocation of VI6VIP is in tribute to the first call sign used at Wireless Hill.

I’m Monique VK6FMON

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