A bit of Trivia

The entrance to Queens Wharf in Auckland (which has been returned to public ownership and enjoyment since the Rugby World Cup) is graced with oversized furniture, much liked by locals and tourists. Some of these benches are shunted into a corner as after a wild party, but even then their shape has appeal. A closer look at the subframe reveals patterns that look like Morse code.

The Port of Auckland is part of the Waitemata Harbour (“sparkling waters” is the translation of this Maori word). So when I set to work deciphering the code, the only surprise was that of a misspelling: “sparklag waters” was the result. And further observation shows that on some panels the code has to be read from right to left, whilst on others it is in the natural left-to-right orientation (compare the two panels in the photo below).

morse benches

Hope this piece of trivia enlightens your day!

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