Spot the Communicator

Here is an image which has come to light and shows a number of Communicators in their younger days…  Looking at their shirts and ties they must have all shopped at the same shop!!   Where and when was this taken.

Guess who

L- R  Bruce MacDonald, 3 young ladies, Rex Edwards, Manga Newport, Paddy Long, Bob Young and relaxing as always Brian Chambers.
Standing Chuck Berry, Ian Syme and Paul Robb.
Ship was the cruise liner the ‘Queen Frederika’

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4 Responses to Spot the Communicator

  1. gunther says:

    my god, will u look at chambers and long in the photo..did they join as junior communicators???
    well you would have to say that about the lot of them…what drops of skin

  2. Dodger says:

    Yes Gunth I was a drop of skin – still am …thats the Comms lads from Jan 67 intake …L to R, Bruce McDonald, three young virgins, Rex Edwards, Colin Newport, Paddy Long, Bob Young, Brian Chambers — standing: L to R, Chuck Berry, Ian Syme and Paul Robb.
    I think the pic was taken on the cruise liner “Queen Frederika” …we were all trying to “wing in” and get some duty free booze in the process — I think we all dipped out all round hehe ….

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