Click HERE to read all about the RAN’s newest addition to its fleet,  Thanks Nick C for the document.

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3 Responses to HMAS CANBERRA

  1. Albie Cross says:

    I have read with interest the sea – going trials of the Canberra and although the following does not have any bearing on those trials, I wonder what the outcome would have been had it not been manned by a civilian crew. Our main transmitter on Pukaki ( the 89M) was configured for both CW and RT. To change functions one opened the door at the rear and pulled out the two upper jack plugs and re-installed them in two identical ports below. I had occasion to tune to a frequency for CW transmission and turned on the main switch. One had to wait approximately 70 seconds before the HT cut in. It was hands-free tuning as there was a morse key on the deck that you placed a foot on. All systems were go and I placed a foot on the key. A heavy surge caused the office lights to dim dramatically and a large mushroom shaped column of smoke arose from the rear door. Not ever having experienced anything like that before, I turned the main switch off and before I could open the door, I had to navigate through a large quantity of ceramic beads which the PO RE Vic Corrin told me later were the insulation for the fuse for the HT electro-magnetic contactor. It transpired that someone had been in the act of either changing from CW to RT or vice/versa but had succeeded in re-locating one plug only before possibly being called away thus leaving a ticking bomb. Vic Corrin was able to replace the HT fuse and beads within about 5 minutes but the investigation leading up to who was responsible for this serious damage to this Government Property dragged on for days. Maybe the Canberra stuck in Port Phillip Bay was’nt so bad after all

  2. Peter Lowish says:

    There was a interesting quote near the bottom of that .pdf

    “The trial didn’t go as well as hoped, but it was better than expected.”

    Must have been a politician

  3. Albie Cross says:

    you are absolutely right Peter. another way of putting it is :- “the operation was a success but the patient died. ” !.

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