Another Little Gem!

Here is an image which will bring back some memories.  See if you can name the ship, the occasion and the people in the photo.

CO Otago

L – R  LSG Dave Carroll, LRD George Randall, MAA Stu Keith (Ex Sig) Cdr Karl Moen and HEGG David Beattie.   Chuck Turnbull the Medic is just over George Randalls shoulder and LEW Mace Meihana is also just to the right of MAA Stu Keith.

1981   HMNZS OTAGO  Possibly on passage to Auckland from Waitangi and Just Spliced the Mainbrace.

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3 Responses to Another Little Gem!

  1. Lindsay Roberts says:

    Otago 1981 GG Sir David Beatty. Cdr Carl Moen C.O. MAA Stu Keith. Can’t remember the other two.
    The GG was on passage I think from Waitangi to Auckland and had just spliced the Main Brace.

  2. Bob Sadler says:

    Not sure who the Leading Tosser is. George Randell, Stu Keith who became a Jossman, Carl Moen, Sir David Beatty… Over George’s right shoulder is Medic Chuck Turnbull…

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