Robbie Muir

The following received from Dusty Miller.. Robi is back home now after his major hip operation. He has carers visiting each day so he is being looked after in that respect. We are also keeping an eye on him, he has some friends who live in the same street. He is using a walking frame to get round his house and the Occupational Therapist has made some adjustments to his furniture and bathroom facilities. If anyone is in the Marton area who knows Robi and feels like visiting him his address is 29 Barton Street, Marton and phone is 06 327 8039.



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6 Responses to Robbie Muir

  1. Jim D says:

    Hope all goes well for you Robbie. Remember the good the good times in Waiouru. All the best from Jim Dell.

    • Bill McLauchlan (ex L/Tel NZ11400) says:

      Hi Robbie, Glad to hear you’re back home after your op and hope you continue to do well. Not too many of the old NR1 hands left these days eh?
      All the best from Bill McLauchlan

  2. Jim D says:

    This website is not being utilised enough by ex and serving personnel. When I ran the original Comms website forums some years ago, we had a lot of good responses. You guys have melted into the background. I can only do so much. We need your help in preserving the history of the Comms branch. Thanks. Jim Dell, WO Radio Supervisor, MSM, Dip RFM, BMETC.

    • NOEL KININMONT says:

      Can anyone enlighten me on the names of branch ops now–Wot is a Combat systems specialist etc
      In the good old days you had the Jossmen,Chiefs, Petty Officers,Killicks,
      Sparkers(The cream of the Navy),Buntings or Flag Wavers,Stokers,Dib Dabs,
      Jenny Wrens, 1 Badge-2 Badge and 3 Badge men + General Duties
      Subies,2 Ringers.2.5 Ringers etc. etc……
      It looks like we are becoming more Americanised now in more ways than one
      Noel Kininmont (Skin) NZ 15309 33W/T Boys 1955…..

  3. Dave Neil says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Jim,although I guess that I am sometimes as tardy as others. I was disappointed in the response to the Far East asia review fiasco, at last count I think that there were two comments made re this, and one of those was mine. A lot of this, that and the other bollix beforehand,total indifference after the event. No comments about the current Veterans’ Affairs setup, our flag, whose crook and could do with a phone call. Where are all the South Islanders or is NZ now Auckland where a cardboard box costs $500.000 or Wellington where the most of the men walk around holding hands? More PC bollix with our National Anthem, how to be greeted in a straightforward manner when visiting a school, Govt Building or public loo. As for posting comments? Let everyone know when you served-I started in 57 (1957 not 1857) and there must be many who I did not meet then who have dit or two that would be interesting, as are those who served before and after this time frame. I would guarantee that if you collated all of the names that come up on this site there wouldn’t be more than a dozen or so, and most of them are just showing that they can remember morse or flag waggling. I have a great interest in the current Navy and get the Navy mag regularly. Quite often gobsmacked with the changes, but so have all those who served before the curent lot. Remember moaning to an old Chief once about how hard it was sometimes and his reply “Hardships?. hardships ? you bastards, you don’t know what hardships are!” Went on board one of HM NZ ships in Bluff recently. Crowd of ratings in boiler suits (?) standing around in an untidy heap on the quarterpatch, hatless and smoking! WTF does a silly old fart like me think? Thank whatever God that be I joined when I did, before the PC rubbish.
    I do sincerely hope that some amongst you do not like my comments-at least it might… what I have tried to do before—get some comments going.

  4. Ken Millar says:

    I was trying to contact a Robbie Muir who was with me in the CM 17th intake 1955 Oct is he the one just got out of hospital. – Ken Millar 021993766

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