Question 17

Here is one for the history buffs.  Click on play to listen

Answer – HMNZS Tarawera.  Trev Appleton had the correct answer.

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3 Responses to Question 17

  1. John Bullock says:

    ROTOITI was offered to Royal New Zealand Navy and sold for £234,150 in 1948. (Note: To be refitted prior to commissioning. Original name selected was TARAWA but this was changed to ROTOITI before formal renaming.)

  2. Albie Cross says:

    The original name was ROTOITE . (Tubby Glass told me that the cap tallies were issued as such.) While waiting in the UK to bring the ship out to NZ, Tubby was having a pint in a hotel when a patron asked him what part of NZ he came from. Tub replied,” Hammersmiff mate. It’s about a fourpenny bus ride from Piccadily Circus. “

  3. Trev Appleton says:

    = When HMS Loch Katrine was sold to the RNZN, Rotoiti was not the original name selected. What was it? = k

    Answer:___ The government had thought of calling her HMNZS Tarawera.

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