Question 16

Here is another one which you may have to dig deep into the memory banks.  Click on Play to Listen.

A. VHF – Type 615. UHF – Type 634. HF – Type 622 and Type 625.  

This is a Wireless Set 48 – Click on image to enlarge and See comments from Jim Dell and Albie Cross.

wireless set 48

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15 Responses to Question 16

  1. John Bullock says:

    Type 615, 634, 689, 622, plus my own personal multi-band short-wave portable radio to read WV/ZLP skeds on the Black Boats ashore in the various watering holes around the coast, Better than staying on-board, I thought!

    • Peter Hinton says:

      Hi John
      Were you on Royalist or was it Otago with Peter Hinton. My husband of many years. Ex Wren Ann Shirley.

      • NOEL KININMONT says:

        Hi Ann Both my wife EX wren Blue Wilson both knew Peter Skin K.

      • John Bullock says:

        Gid-aye Ann .. yes that is another story! My very first posting along with Gary Bryenton and Bruce McGregor was to Royalist. About a week before Royalist was to go on that u-beaut cruise in 1962 to Tahiti, Mexico, West Coast of USA, Canada and Hawaii, all our postings were cancelled to allow for some “Rockies” to do some sea-time in the Big Navy! The three of us “Regulars” were subsequently posted to Rotoiti instead and 60 South ….charming! Peter and I must have “crossed paths’ on Otago in 1963/64 with Pat Green the RS, Skin Kininmont the LRO …. brain fade! I recall Dogs Dowie were in the same era as Peter. Whereabouts are you guys now?

  2. Jim D says:

    The 689 wasn’t a portable but a ship/shore VHF International Maritime Mobile Set used mainly for monitoring Channel 16 and Harbour/Port communications.

  3. Jim D says:

    You are correct Bevan – I believe that the Blog Master may have put the 625 in the wrong place in the answer. Regards Jim

  4. Trev Appleton says:

    Hi guys.
    A query from ErnieK – Where did the “48” fit in as he remembers during his time in the 60’s Bill Panting working CKN from the Hauraki Gulf.

    [TrevA] – I know the Type 48 [LF/MF/HF 60-16500 kHz 2kW] was the main transmitter on the Leander Class Cruisers, HMNZS Archilles and Leander. Was the “48” also part of the gear on the Loch class Frigates during the 50/60’s, or maybe a rogue Bill acquired and used. Cheers

  5. Jim D says:

    I have no record of a 48 transmitter in the RNZN except for the one mentioned by Trevor. Bill Panting did some time on Lachlan and in the 60’s, she carried the 89 and the 618. Perhaps it was the 618 that Ernie was referring to? When ionospheric conditions are right, then power output isn’t important and on 40W CW (618), I worked Alaska from the Ross Sea one time on Endeavour II. On my own amateur radio equipment I have established comms with North and South American operators using CW and SSB on 4 watts.

  6. Albie Cross says:

    the stuff we had on Pukaki in 1953/54 was the Type 89M ( modified by dockyard with a little help from Lt. Bill Brewer who added a modulator) – the 60EQR (could operate on 5oo k/cs. – type 86 (100 to 160 m/ghz ) usually monitored 121.5 and a 600 series in the emergency office. I do not recall a 48 set as I was tooooo young to be on the Lea or the Arch.

  7. Jim D says:

    I found this amongst my Amateur notes:
    Wireless Set No. 48 – US made version of WS18. Manpack HF AM or Morse Code
    Wireless Set No. 18 – Manpack set, used for “short range telephony and C/W working in forward areas”, about 5 miles (8 km) maximum, Bn HQ to Company HQ, 6 – 9 Mhz.
    From my own experiences with a low power transmitter, this would have been possible, but where did Bill get this set??

  8. Jim D says:

    The old memory kicked into gear – this was the old army set that we used in the College Cadets Signal Corps in the 50’s. Our Signals Captain was a Catholic priest who was also the discipline master – he used to have a golf bag in his office with different size bamboo canes in it. The size of the cane depended upon the severity of the crime – the skinny ones were the worst (so I was told),

  9. Trev Appleton says:

    Hi Jim
    Further note from ErnieK –
    The 48 I remember was battery powered, ex-army, weighed about 50 lbs. and put out about 5 watts max.

  10. John Bullock says:

    Next thing Jim you will be telling us you were pure as the driven snow!!

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