Old Defence House

A few of you would have done time in this building.  The building is no longer Defence House and is being converted into apartments.  The new Defence House known as Freyberg House (not sure there is too much Defence in the name Freyberg) which is located in Aitken Street at the rear of the National Library. Click on image to enlarge.

Stout St

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9 Responses to Old Defence House

  1. Chook says:

    Freyberg??? Wasn’t he the General of the NZ Forces in WW2, is that not related to Defence??? I spent 2 stints in that building, Wellington was a very social draft!!!! but better as a single person….

    • Jim D says:

      Served in NCC Wellington, DCC Wellington and DCU Wellington. We knew the building as Defence Headquarters, Stout Street.

  2. Casper says:

    Lieutenant General Bernard Cyril Freyberg, 1st Baron Freyberg VC, GCMG, KCB, KBE, DSO & Three Bars, KStJ, was a British-born New Zealand Victoria Cross recipient and soldier who later served as the seventh Governor-General of New Zealand. Seems like a Defence nme to me!

  3. Dave Wistrand says:

    Top Floor before joining with the other poofters down a few floors highlight of the day was having a beer at the Back Bar of the Midlands after a night shift – Loverly (oops was only 19)

  4. Bill Bartlett says:

    Yeah. We referred to it as “Stout St” Old NCC on the 8th floor . Did a stint there in ’56. Ernie “the Beast” Sheffield was killick of my watch.. Wasn’t the old GCSB in Freyberg Bldg?

  5. Graham Cadwallader (Caddy) says:

    When I joined the Spooks I think it was on the 4th? Floor – occupied 3 small rooms. Later moved to Freyberg Bldg on the 14th floor. John Parkes was Supervisor, Keith Smith was Technical Officer. Don Parkes was also on staff. Quite a good place to work.

  6. Sweeney says:

    Navy Office, what a draft. Spent most of my shore time in the “add-on” prefab above the 8th floor. Pussers to the left and CAA to the right. Many hi jinx occurred from staff over the years, and I have often wondered if the kites are still in the ceiling by the entrance. Venning Hyphen was the best flier, but this was only one of the many pranks/pass times persued whilst in quiet time on watch. I often regret causing Stan Keely so much grief, but he was a wonderful backer of his staff and would take no crap from any ‘fingers being pointed’ at his staff. Reckon I could write a small story of some of the carry on’s. It must be remembered that in the early days that Navy Office was one of the tallest building in central Wellington and this presented wonderful night time views of the place, just ask Moe Garvy!!

    • Owen Stuart says:

      And I remember a certain telegraphist who at about 4am one Monday morning shouted out to the busy milkman busy doing his rounds in the quadrangle below the comms office, “I hate noisy milkmen” and dropping a plastic bag (large) filled with water that burst with a very loud bang. The poor milkman must have very nearly had a heart attack.

  7. Alan Peck says:

    Not apartments. It will be home for the new super Ministry MBIE.

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