Image of the Naval Base

Yes an image of the Naval Base. But, when was it taken and can we identify any of the ships alongside?

Naval Base

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4 Responses to Image of the Naval Base

  1. Tony Bullock says:

    This photo was posted on June 3 2011. See:
    It was taken in March 1957. All the ships are identified in the earlier post.

  2. Albie Cross says:

    my guess is post January 1956 and it is based on the absence of the Bellona and Black Prince
    who usually occupied that area. The cruiser could be the Royalist of which I never set eyes on, the two frigates rafted up astern have been fitted with whip aerials which were originally “long wires” and the absence of the Huff Duff aerial. Was the Melbourne modified sometime with an angled flight deck ?. Over to you young fellas.

  3. john snow says:

    I think it may have been in the 60s and the carrier the Eagle plus escorts.

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