Question 14

This one will take you back.  Play to listen

A. Able Seaman Robert Marchioni – his body was never recovered.  Congrats to Don Norman for being the first in with the correct answer

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5 Responses to Question 14

  1. hairy37 says:

    The RNZN sailor killed whilst on a Korean landing party in 1953 was Ab Smn RE Marchioni, MiD, RNZN

  2. Albie Cross says:

    Able Seaman Robert Edward MARCHIONI – joined 1949 served on Rotoiti

  3. davesyn says:

    Edward William Allnatt

  4. Trev Appleton says:

    = What was the name of the New Zealander who lost his life as a result of direct contact with the enemy in the Korean War? = k

    Answer:___Able Seaman Robert Edward Marchioni.
    On 25th August 1951 HMNZS Rotoiti (F625) carried out raid on gun positions at Sogon-Ni. During assault at Gorln Chiki, landing party came under fire and 19 year old Able Seaman Marchioni was killed. He was the RNZN’s only fatal battle casualty of the Korean War.

  5. Dave Wistrand says:

    When we dedicated the memorial at Whangarei Heads (2011) to those who died on HMS Puriri the then Chief of Navy mentioned AB Marchioni along the lines of “The Australians are trying to recover some (?) of their dead who are in similar circumstances and it was hoped to secure the body of Marchioni on the back of the Australian efforts” it struck me as a bit of a cop out and that NZ should be onto it ourselves.

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