A Useful Hint

The following received from Dusty Miller

I am passing the following on in case it is of some use to anyone.
Recently my Mouse pointer was going crazy, jumping around all over the screen. It was very annoying especially when I wanted to delete an item only for it to jump as I pressed the delete button and something I wanted to keep disappeared. After reading and listening to advice that it may be some of the equipment that was running off the same power outlet that was causing the problem, I systematically disconnected a bit at a time but all to no avail. Then a friend told me that after prolonged use of the mouse, the Mouse Pad may pick up static electricity and interfere with the mouse operation. I purchased a new Mouse Pad and “Hey Presto” all is well on the Miller PC. Just in case anyone is having or has had the same problem.
End of lesson !!!

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One Response to A Useful Hint

  1. Albie Cross says:

    Hi Dusty. short of digging an earth-bank 2 feet deep ( this must be over established ground level) and laying 48 feet of 7/080 gauge copper wire , then driving 6 galvanised electrodes , 6 feet long , fitted with connecting lugs into the ground to a depth of 6 feet, spaced 8 feet apart and meggered until a resistance of 10 ohms or less is achieved.(Note . a bucket of water around each electrode works wonders) Spacewise, if this is not possible then maybe one of those funny little wrist static straps may do the trick , but they can be expensive and inconvenient if you are bending the elbow…

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