Image from the Past

Can you name any of these upstanding communicators from the past.

33rd WT Boys 1955


Standing L-R   Dave Stewart, Brian Scruton, Barry Ramsay, Carl Edwards, John Paull

Sitting  L – R    Ernie Koch, Lt Tom Riddell, POTel Neville Robuck, Noel Kininmont

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8 Responses to Image from the Past

  1. Albie Cross says:

    would these be the 33rd W/T Boy Tels (1955) and is that PO Tel Neville Roebuck. I don’t think I have met any of the others.

    • NOEL KININMONT says:

      Come on albie jog the memoery

      • Albie Cross says:

        Hi Noel. I saw Nev Roebuck a year ago and he showed me a photo album in which I recall seeing a pic similar to the one in question. I cannot recall seeing P.O.’s wearing that “high neck” type of jacket but I guess they never made it down to Irirangi where the old duffell coat and arnraak suit reigned supreme.

  2. Charles Conroy says:

    Lt Tom Riddell . dont know the others .


    Back Dave Stewart,Brian Scruton,Barry Ramsay,Carl Edwards Skin Paull
    Front Ernie Koch, Tom Riddell ,Nev Roebuck,Noel Kininmont

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