Unofficial Communicators Lunch – Wellington

The venue for the Wellington based Communicators unofficial luncheon is the BackBencher Hotel, Molesworth St.  The date and time is the 10th April at 1200.

Please note that this is not an official lunch or reunion activity run by the Committee, but is just seen as an opportunity for communicators to get together informally.  So if you are at a loss and would like to catch up, make your way to the Backbencher and see who else turns up.

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3 Responses to Unofficial Communicators Lunch – Wellington

  1. Mike Catlow says:

    Sorry guys would love to have attended but am away from Wellington then. Hopefully catch up on the next one

  2. David Barham says:

    I will be there wih bells on!!! Bars

  3. Paul Murray says:

    Apologies, unable to make this one but look forward to the next one.

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