Question 11

Here is one for the Buntings…  Sparkers are banned from answering this question. Click on Play to Listen.

What was the candlepower of a 20 inch signal projector when used as (a) searchlight and (b) as a signalling projector?

A. (a) 45 million (b) 10 million

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One Response to Question 11

  1. Trev Appleton says:

    Additional info of interest

    (a) When used as a searchlight, the lamp is focused so the beam is narrow, having a divergence of 2.6 degrees and a minimum brilliance of 45 million candlepower.

    (b) When used as a signalling projector, the beam’s divergence is increased to 4.5 degrees giving a brilliance level in the order of 10 million candlepower.

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