Jack Passings – February 2014

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of February 2014. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

NIMOT, Leonard Alfred (Alfie)
HOSKINS, Allan David
REVELL, Brian Arthur (Baldy) ex PTI
CAMPBELL Alexander James (Lex)
COUTTS, Craig Ex Commander RNZN
WARD George William
ANSTIS Robert John Kelven
HOWE, Richard (Dick)  Ex CPOGI
CALLEY, Ray Ex Assistant Stores

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7 Responses to Jack Passings – February 2014

  1. gunther says:

    For those of you who dont yet know , brian revell (baldy, ex pti) died two days ago..his funeral is being held at the navalbase monday 11am

  2. No more Glenfield coffee’s Baldy – will miss our occasional catch ups. Rest in peace mate

  3. George Rogers says:

    Baldy was the captain of the Navy Rugby tem in the early 60’s. Never known to give the game up until the final whistle. One of my best run a shore mates. –

    • Bill Bartlett says:

      Yeah, Baldy was a colourful bloke, always good for a laugh. Could’nt keep away from the old gym in Philly when he retired. Frequently in there pumping weights or whatever. Loved his “masonry work” ponsing around the Shore in his ” kipper cads”. Rest in peace Baldy.
      By the way…..GEORGE , do you know if ERIC BOISEN is still kicking. Last saw him on Rotoiti 1963-64 doing Wx Picket at 60 South.

      • Rex(buck)Rodgers says:

        Hi Bill, Eric passed away a few years ago of heart attack, after he left the RNZN he joined the RNZNVR. His last employment was as manager of the ACPOST plant for Auckland Council

  4. Bill Bartlett says:

    Hiya Rex! Thanks for that matey.. I think Boisen was also on the Council’s traffic division.ponsing around on his motorbike. Dished out quite a few “tickets”.
    All the best to you and Shirley.

  5. Judith Collie says:

    RIP Baldy – it has been a long time since we caught up. Thanks for your friendship over the years.
    Judy Collie (Pettis)

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