Question 7

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Answer  –  HDMLs were all built in the United States and the Fairmiles were built in New Zealand.   Trev Appleton had the full answer.  Congratulations

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4 Responses to Question 7

  1. Mike Catlow says:

    Assume you mean the NZ ones as they were built in many countries.
    St Marys Bay Auckland for the nz ones with the permission of Fairmile Marine UK

  2. Trev Appleton says:

    = Where were the HDMLs and Fairmiles built? = k

    The HDMLs were built in the West Coast of USA. Despite common belief no HDMLs were built in Canada.

    The Class B Fairmiles were built at various shipyards in St Mary’s Bay Auckland.

  3. Graham Cadwallader (Caddy) says:


  4. Graham Cadwallader (Caddy) says:

    Sri, meant Canada?

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