The Health of Sailors

Jim Dell has turned up some interesting information with regard yellow chromate and other issues which effect the health of sailors.  Click on the links below for further information

Health effects from working with Yellow Chromate click HERE

RAN Discussion Paper on Health Issues.  Click HERE

Effects of RF Radiation.  Click HERE

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4 Responses to The Health of Sailors

  1. Tony Marsden says:

    I read the Post on Health of Sailors with some interest. It is apparent that there are quite a number of substances that were utilised in the day to day maintenance of ships & equipment, that had detrimental effects on personnel.
    On reading the RAN Discussion Paper I recall the use of trichloroethylene being used fairly frequently . In the Electrical Branch we used “Trike” to clean off grease from various equipment. At one stage I was in Philomel as part of the Reserve Fleet party & we had a workshop over in the Dockyard. Trike was available from a large can to use as a cleaning agent. I recall being sent to Endeavour (the wooden one) whilst she was doing a refit of some kind. My job was to undercut the insulation between the commutator segments (to reduce sparking) and clean the commutator and associated brush-gear to remove any carbon dust. For this , Trike was used in great quantity and required a breather on the upper deck every 10 minutes or so to clear the head (and lungs) of the fumes. No masks were used (or available). The effects of the fumes, apart from the boozed feeling, was later in the day to having vast amounts of flatulence. (Coughing in yer rompers)
    I believe that milk was supposed to be issued to help combat the effects of Trike fumes, but none was ever issued.
    I hate to think what the further effects could have been if a longer period had been taken at this kind of work.

  2. Tony Marsden says:

    I forgot to say that the work carried out was on the main propeller propulsion motor that was fed from the diesel engine.

  3. Jim D says:

    Possible long term effects from inhaling smoke in fires on board ships? Major fire Waikato’s engine room and Taranaki’s TS. Does anyone know of any research done on this?

    • gunther says:

      the only research done on the fire in the ts on taranaki was to find out how it happened.
      don’t remember any other follow up

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