Comms Training School – Images

Here are a number of images taken at the Communications Training School when it was located at North Head.  Click on images to enlarge. Please provide names by leaving a comment to this post.  Thanks Bounce for the images.

ASG Q 1_86

Standing L – R
Sitting L – R  – Bounce Spring, Tom Hiini, Chris Farrow, Sid Milner

CTS Staff 1986

Standing L – R   ?, Murray Kingham, Chook Fowler, Noel Ngaha, Herby Wharerau, Sid Milner, Greg Hartley and Bounce Spring.
Sitting L – R  Bruce MacDonald, Chris Bond, Anne Hine, Chris Farrow, Tom Hiino, Bob Ratu, Dave Earl

CTS Staff

Standing L – R   ?, Trevor Smith, John Wharepapa, ?, Jim Cassin, Bounce Spring
Sitting L – R  Miles Haliburton, ?, Greg Hanson, Dave Ahuriri, Gary Ellis

MAP Basic Signals 1_93

Standing L – R   ?, ?, ?, ?.
Sitting L – R   ?. Sean Bradford, ?, Bounce Spring, ?

POYS Q Course 1_88

Sitting L – R   Bounce Spring, Neil Cameron, Jim Cassin, Gary Ellis

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One Response to Comms Training School – Images

  1. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    Can anyone put names with the pictures??? Would be good as the old brain cells are not what they used to be tks.

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