Class of 45th Boys (May 1959)

Here is an image which has at least 4 communicators featuring. Scratch the grey matter and identify the communicators. Where was the photo taken (the Rock) and when (May 1959)? Click on image to enlarge.

Standing L-R  Hugh Pocklington,  McLean, Tom Pickett (Minnie’s younger brother), Sig Brian Rowe, RO Gary Kingdon, RO Alex Woolston, Ray McBride, RO Stan Stobie,  Andy Andrews.
Sitting L-R   Don Ross, Alby Harper, Phil Neil, PO Gordon Lawrence, Gary (Stretch) Pettis, Lionel (Shorty) Raynor and Phil McBryde.

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27 Responses to Class of 45th Boys (May 1959)

  1. gunther says:

    kips kingdom back row middle, and the guy second from the end (r) backrow, one of the stobies??

  2. gunther says:

    the guy front row second from right isnt that the cook rayner??

  3. John Bullock says:

    Kips is the only one that is not “Front and Centre”! Maybe he thinks that is his best look for foto’s!
    Yes that does look like Ron Stobie in the back row.

  4. Jim says:

    Stan Stobie – 2nd from right, rear rank

  5. Charles Conroy says:

    The person to the right of Kips is a SIG ? the person to the left of the PO is Gary Pettis

  6. Jim says:

    Seated, far left – Jeff Still??

  7. Jim says:

    Left, standing – Bob Sadler!!

  8. Ken Smith says:

    Brian Rowe – 4th left rear rank ?

  9. Kips Kingdon says:

    The class is 45th Boys, photo taken about May 59 down at the Rock.
    The names as I remember them are:
    Back row, Left to Right: Hugh Pocklington; ? McLean(?); Tom Pickett (Minnie Pickett’s younger brother); Brian Rowe (Sig); me; Alex Woolston RO; unknown; Stan Stobie RO; Andy ? (can’t remember surname).
    Front row: Don Ross; unknown; Phil Neil; PO Baker(?); Gary (Stretch) Pettis; Shorty Rayner; ? McBryde.

  10. Jim Paltridge says:

    Hi Guys Isn’t the 2nd from left standing AJC (Chandler) incidently he is still living on Gold Coast 2 streets from my brother saw him end of 2010
    Regards Jim Paltridge ex RO1 then later CPOWEF RNZNVR (rtd)

  11. brian rowe says:

    thats andy andrews next to stan stobie. The PO Wasnt Baker Ill try and remember it

    • Kips Kingdon says:

      Well, that shoots down my theory, Brian. I assumed that as John Chandler and Doc Bretherton were in the other half of the 45th Boys, they had divided the class into two groups on alphabetical basis. But you are right, that is Andy Andrews; last I heard of him he was in crew of some fishing boat out of Auckland. Was it PO Barnes? He was on the ’61 trip in Royalist. Remember him doing the old ship’s barber job up for’ard.

  12. Kips Kingdon says:

    Hi Jim, No that’s not AJC. The class was split into two groups alphabetically and John was in the first group, along with Doc Bretherton and another whose name I cannot remember.

  13. brian rowe says:

    Hi Kips….been scratching the grey matter…thats alby harper next to don ross and the PO is PO Gordon Lawrence. Thats right he was the barber on Royalist Bumped into him in Farmers in Auckland a while ago. He wasnt too well at the time so dont know if he is still around. .Another couple of names at the time were our DO LT Tyrel and GI Jack Baigent.Up until recently he was curator at the Naval Base Museum. Have you any idea where Alex Woolston is now? Bumped into Don Ross a few years ago in Auckland . He was working for the Auckland Council at the time.

  14. Ernie says:

    Wasn’t it P.O. Lawrence?

  15. Bob Anderson says:

    Hello, good to relive some of the memories from 1959, this photo was certainly just half of the 45th Boys intake, I don’t believe the split was done alphabetically, the person next to Hugh Pocklington is Ray McGill, He was lucky enough to be part of the commissioning crew for Otago, on his return he disappeared.Disappointing we haven’t kept track of the members of our class. Unfortunately several have died, Peter Hall, Gary Pettis, Ian Ballintine, Ian Lenanne and possibly Des Bretherton & John Neill. I keep in contact with Colin LaCassie, lives just out of Ipswich, Queensland and Peter Kneebone lives in Auckland, Peter turns 70 during December. I’m in good health, live in Remuera- Auckand, retired for a short time (didn’t enjoy it) now back working partime for Lanzatech. Bob Anderson

  16. rhys lawrence says:

    Gordon lawrence is my granddad. And sadly my dad died in 2007 . And never told me much about his family would love to know more about him if anyone can help

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