NZDSM Medal – Applications

Applications for the New Zealand Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) have now been thrown open to all ex-Service personnel and the families of deceased ex-Service personnel.

Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force, Lieutenant General Rhys Jones, says the medal recognises attested military service in the New Zealand Defence Force. New Zealanders who served in the military for three or more years since the end of World War Two, and those who completed their compulsory military training or national military service obligations, qualify for the medal.

“The NZDSM means that a large number of personnel who served New Zealand loyally and well in a wide range of roles and contexts, but not on operations, are now receiving medallic recognition for their work,” says Lieutenant General Jones.

Due to the large number of people eligible for the NZDSM, the call for applications is being managed in four stages, with priority initially given to processing applications from older living ex-Service personnel. Since April 2011, when the first applications were called for, more than 33,000 NZDSM medals have been issued.

“Now it’s the turn of ex-Service personnel and the families of deceased ex-Service personnel eligible for the medal. I encourage them to apply online using the form on the NZ Defence Force Medals website”. [See Notes 1 and 2, below]

The Chief of Defence says hard copies of the application form are also available at many local RSA clubrooms where staff are available to assist ex-Service personnel and family members with their application forms. Ex-Service personnel that have received the NZDSM who would like the medal to be presented to them formally can contact their nearest RSA as a number of branches are arranging presentations in local communities.

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