WRENS 1963

Noel and Sheryll Kininmont have provided the image below which is missing a number of names to the class.  This is the Wrens intake of 19th January 1963. Class list below.

click on image to enlarge

Standing: Lorna Brierley (Signals), Franki McCabe (Signals), Reekie Christianson (Sick Berth Assistant), Liz Collins (Killock of the Intake), Sandy Clarke (Cook),
Stormi Fairweather (Signals), Sue McCabe (Chart Corrector).
Sitting: Fiona May (Steward), Sheryll Wilson (Signals), Ngaia Stevens (Signals), Pauline Rabbitt (Stores Assistant), Liz Saunders (Cook), Raelene Cusdin (Cook),
Lonnie Smith (Cook).
Absent; M Danger (Sick Berth Assistant)

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6 Responses to WRENS 1963

  1. Barrie Chivers says:

    Stormi Fairweather has kindly filled in the gaps and here is the full edition of Class 1/63
    Taken at Margaret House. Liz Collins is th Class’ Killick.
    B/r l – r.
    Lorna Brierley, Frankie McCabe, Reeki Christianson, Liz Collins, Sandy Clark, Stormi, Sue McCabe
    F/r l – r.
    Fiona May, Sheryll Wilson, Ngaia Stevens, Pauline Rabbitt, Liz Saunders, Raelene Cusdin,
    Lonnie Smith.

  2. Noel Kininmont says:

    Thanks very much Barry.I can remember most but didnt want to make a muck up with wrong names to wrong faces.Do you have Stormis address maybe she can Email me TKS.

    • Barrie Chivers says:

      Hi Skin, regretfully Stormi is no longer a follower of internet or ermail. Having shifted house she decided that she didn’t want “that bloody machine” ever again !!!

  3. Stephen Fraser. says:

    I take it that the WREN absent, was sick :+)

  4. BRIAN ROWE says:

    would anyone have a photo of the 1962 mid year wrens intake

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