Review of Long Service Awards – Update

Good progress is being made on the Review of Long Service Awards in the New Zealand Armed Forces with Phase One (Principles for the Medallic Recognition of Long Service in the New Zealand Armed Forces) being signed off by the Minister of Defence.

These Principles are posted below will guide the work underway in Phase Two where the focus is on resolving as many of the existing grievances as is practical. This work aims to be as compliant as is practical with these Principles. The primary driver behind the recommendations in Phase Two is that no-one will be worse off. In most cases they will be better off, in the balance of cases, they will remain in much the same position as they are now.

Phase Two will act as a transition period towards Phase Three where the decisions will be made on what form the future Long Service Medallic recognition in the New Zealand Defence Forces will take.

The Phase Three award or awards will be fully compliant with the Approved Principles below.

Watch this space for further updates as Phase Two progresses.

Approved Principles for the Medallic Recognition of Long Service in the New Zealand Armed Forces

These principles, approved by the Government in April 2011, are the foundation for a seamless whole of military career personnel policy in relation to medallic recognition of long and efficient service, and good conduct. All seven principles apply to any award(s) instituted for military long service from 2011.

Principle 1. All Regular and Territorial members of the Armed Forces of New Zealand, as defined in the Defence Act 1990, who serve for the required period and have a record of irreproachable conduct and character, are to be recognised by a long service and good conduct award, governed by a New Zealand Royal Warrant.

Principle 2. Generally, only service in the Armed Forces of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom is considered eligible service.

Principle 3. The qualifying service for any award is to include all military service undertaken by an individual whose conduct and character have been irreproachable during the qualifying period.

Principle 4. The design of any new long service award is to be tri-Service in nature.

Principle 5. Any award is to be egalitarian.

Principle 6. The length of qualifying service for an award, and clasps to an award, should be the same as that required for other long service awards approved by the Sovereign for public sector organisations in New Zealand that is, NZ Police, NZ Fire Service, NZ Prison Service and NZ Customs Service.

Principle 7. An award may be annulled, forfeited and restored.

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