HMNZS Kaniere 1956-57 – Can anyone Help?

John Hayward, NZ15173 served in Kaniere on the Far East Station 1956-57 and the Ships Company had a photo taken in front of the 4″ gun in Hong Kong. John has lost his copy of this photo and wonders if others may still have a copy.

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11 Responses to HMNZS Kaniere 1956-57 – Can anyone Help?

  1. John Hayward says:

    This is John Hayward NZ15173. The photo I am looking for is one of the SHIPS COMPANY in front of the 4” while the Kaniere was alongside in Hong Kong 1956-1957, not the Comm Division.
    Thank you John Hayward

    • Ray Newport Ex Sparker 1956-57 commission says:

      If you havent already got a copy of the Ships Company Photo can give you one
      send me your address John . Mine is Ray Newport 1/46 Salisbury street Levin 5510

      • John Hayward says:

        Thanks Ray, John Hayward 22 Olwyn Green, Dinsdale HAMILTON 3204

        Ord/Sig/Bunting Tosser HMNZS Kaniere 1956-57 commission Far East Station 3rd Frigate Squadron
        We used to live in Levin for just on 40 years and now we are in our fifth year in Hamilton.
        Do you attend the cease fire celebrations on the 27 July which are held in Otaki at the Otaki Primary School then at the Otaki RSA ? I did and wore a Kahukiwi which has been in the Family for 81 years, given to my parents when they were married at Mokai on the 5/5/1932. It was a wedding gift.
        p.s. please keep in touch.



      • John Hayward says:

        All Hands on deck.
        Greetings Frank, are you in contact with any others of our ships company? I would like to make contact. I’m John Hayward 22 Olwyn Green Dinsdale Hamilton 3204
        I was a Bunting Tosser on the Kaniere

  2. Ray Newport Ex Sparker 1956-57 commission says:

    tks for comments give me your email ads and will get back to you with my details etc
    mine is
    Ray Newport(Grasshopper)

    • Jim Blackburn says:

      Hi “Grasshopper”, and is that “Badges” too…Great to hear you are both still
      “on the air” Good on Ya …Jim B

  3. Lofty says:

    I have shed loads of photos from my old man Lofty Durham.

    I will search through..who knows the photo may well be there, I am happy to pass on if it is.


    Lofty Durham (the second 😀)

    • Frank Rands says:

      Hi Do you have a picture of your dad in uniform as I would like to link it to the Roll of Honour. If so can you send a scanned version to

    • john.hayward says:

      To all at RNZN Communicators Association and Lofty Durham, The photo was NOT of the Communicators Division BUT of the whole Ships Company taken alongside in HongKong. I was standing on the portside of the Main Gun about two from the top. John Hayward NZ 15173 Ex HMNZS Kaniere

  4. John Hayward says:

    Greetings Shipmates, I would like to say how much I enjoyed your company during our Tour of Duty in the Far East 1956-1957 on the Kaniere, Sparkers and Bunting tossors one happy family.’Take care ship mates. My number was NZ15173 later after I was married Iwe had a daughter who was born on the 15 Oct 1973 = 15 10 1973 = 15173 Splice the mainbrace.John Hayward

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