Training Records

Well this will get your memory going.  When did you do your training? who was in your class? where was the training held? who was your instructor?  When did the course start? What was the class id?  Was it an EW, WREN Sig, LTO, LCO, TS, Basic, Advanced. Leading hand, PWO(C), RANCOC, Long C.  The list is endless

Please see attached file which has been cobbled together by a few old and bolds.  This is your chance to contribute.  So send any response to who will collate your responses.

Please take the opportunity to contribute it will not take long, just need to scratch the head a bit.

Frank (Webmaster)

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3 Responses to Training Records

  1. Dear Frank,

    I note that our Site appears in your Links, so thank you for that.

    May I ask if you would kindly inform me of any former Gambia Crew, whatever Rank they may have been, who served on HMNZS Gambia, and who have crossed the bar? I have a few who someone kindly let me know of, but, there must be several more who I simply do not know of, and who I think should be recorded in our Sunset Page in our Obituaries.

    Thanking you in anticipation of a reply at your convenience.

    Yours aye,


  2. Dave Synnott says:

    I know its there you keep talking about it. “The training register” just email me a link that works PLEASE ..


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