RNZN COMMS Blog Site Changes

All Communicators.

In developing the new RNZN Communicators Blog, I have discovered that it has the ability to automatically send an email to members whenever a new post is made on the site. Please note that you will only be advised of a new ‘Post’. You will not be notified when new content or any other aspect of the Blog has been uploaded.

You as members will then have the choice to either go and have a look at the Blog and read the new post or just discard the email.

This new facility make life a lot easier and I would ask that you work with me initially and not ask to be removed from this listing. If you don’t want to read the post, just simply delete the email.

Keep on communicating


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1 Response to RNZN COMMS Blog Site Changes

  1. Frank Rands says:


    I have advertised the book under the Advert Tab so if you would like to place a comment under that section it will come up in the right place. I have yet to read it but Chris Precey recommends it. Gerry Wright launched his latest on the ML’s yesterday called Salty Dits.



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